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High-quality Electrical Repair and Installation Services in Yakima

Our staff is highly qualified and will provide you with the best electrical services at reasonable prices. We can install a plasma TV in your living room or den, replace an old fuse box, or remodel your kitchen or bath. No matter how small or large the job is, our staff will provide professional service.

full-service residential electrician company in Yakima - JJ&S Electric

Residential Services

We are a full-service residential electrician company in Yakima.

Commercial Services

We can manage any size electrician jobs in Yakima.

Camera Installation service in yakima - JJ&S Electric


We offer expert Electrical Services in Washington State

Spa Hook-up service in yakima offered by JJ&S Electric

Spa Hook Up

Are you new to hot tubs Yakima or pools and don’t know how to install them? Don’t stress, we can help! JJ&S Electric LLC has highly qualified electricians who are ready to help you! We can install hot tubs and pools for all major brands and models.

Barn Wiring

JJ&S Electric LLC can install high-quality lighting in your barn or stable, no matter how small or large it is. We can help you design and install the right lighting for your barn, stable, or arena. Our electrician Yakima WA installs, services, and designs agricultural wiring for small and large projects all over Yakima and surrounding cities.

Barn Wiring service in yakima county - JJ&S Electric
Furnace A/C Circuit Installation in yakima county - JJ&S Electric

Furnace A/C Circuit Installation

You may need to replace the wiring if your air conditioner trips the circuit breaker, or if you are adding a new HVAC device. Heating and cooling units draw a lot of power. They will need their own circuits. We can Service can help you wire your equipment correctly and safely.

Underground Conduit Installation

We offer to install the underground residential conduit for the service cable in new single-phase, residential, underground electrical services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Underground Conduit Installation service in yakima - JJ&S Electric
mini-split ductless system installations in yakima - JJ&S Electric

Mini Split Systems

There are many options available for how your mini-split ductless system is installed. It can be mounted on the wall, suspended from ceiling, or laid on the floor depending on how you prefer to decorate your home. People are switching to ductless mini splits over traditional air conditioners. They provide the smooth, efficient cooling that they need.

Fire Bell/Smoke Alarm Systems

Your building’s fire protection strategy of your home or business should include fire alarm systems. A functioning, well-maintained fire alarm is essential for protecting your building from fires and maintaining compliance with code. Like most things in a building, the future performance of your fire alarm system is dependent on how well it was installed. We are here to deliver the best service possible.

Fire Bell/Smoke Alarm Systems installation in yakima - JJ&S Electric
well control panels installation in yakima county - JJ&S Electric

Well Control Panels

Our electrician yakima wa install well control panels that works with your well pump to bring water into your home, business or even a community well. If you have a home or business out in the country area and there’s no city water, you will need a well for water supply.

Septic Control Panels

At JJ&S Electric LLC we install septic control panels. Septic system, provided with electrical floats pumps sewage out into, for example a field. When you live out in the country or are where the city drainage isn’t available you will require a septic.

Septic Control Panels installations in yakima - JJ&S Electric
Irrigation Pumps installation and maintenance service in yakima county

Irrigation Pumps

Our Electricians in Yakima can install or repair your existing water pump. We offer both new and used pumps, as well as maintenance and installation services. We offer fair prices, reliable service, and trustworthy products.

Camera Installation

We can help you with your home project of protecting your home by installing full camera security systems. We also install for your business and start protecting your assets. The security cameras of today are more advanced than ever and can be easily installed at a very affordable price. You can view your property from anywhere with the cloud. It’s simple to integrate with home automation and remotely lock and unlock doors using the same system.

CCTV camera Installation in yakima county - JJ&S Electric
Lighting Upgrades

The right lighting can make your bathroom and kitchen look great. Custom lighting can enhance the space’s value and highlight its best features. 

Ceiling Fans
Install A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can keep your rooms cool and stylish. Ceiling fans provide a triple threat: increased lighting, better air circulation, and improved room decor. 

Backup Generators

JJ&S Electric provides professional installation of commercial and home generators. A home generator can be used to protect your family.

Wiring Upgrades

Do not wait to find a defective electrical system. JJ&S Electric can conduct a safety inspection and offer solutions to any problems. 

LED Lighting

Electricity is an essential part of running your business or home. Energy Star-qualified bulbs can be replaced with energy-efficient ones and you could save hundreds of dollars each year.

Insurance Inspections

This is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life. We are here to help you through the entire process.

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